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Patrick Willems is a native of Saratoga Springs, NY, arguably the best town in the world. His filmmaking career started during middle school when he made the Lego stop-motion animated masterpieces "Star Wars Episode 4.5: The Emperor Bikes Back" and "Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo". Soon afterwards he got a regular camera and started making movies with real people.

In 2010 Patrick graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in Cinema Studies, which is a more pretentious way of saying "Film."

Patrick spent a semester at The Prague Film School, and yes, he did make a spy movie for his final project.

Other than movies, the two topics about which Patrick can talk for up to 24 hours straight are comic books and '90s Britpop. He likes them a lot.

Patrick is excited to almost be at a point in his life where he can afford to have a collection of suits and wear them regularly without it being eccentric.

Patrick's filmmaking work can be seen at his website,

Patrick recommends that you check out his blog, Patrick Willems Has a Blog.

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Max Rouzier is a traveling man who has lived in New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Quebec, and now Saratoga Springs, NY. Growing up, Max would win superlative awards like Best Facilitator or Best Dressed. Years later, he's still facilitating and dressing impeccably.

Max, the self proclaimed "Best Dressed 20-something" in Saratoga, studied journalism at Howard University, and like Diddy did, he left. Rather than become a young musical mogul, Max decided to continue school at Plattsburgh University where he had opportunities to affect community development and not spend 40k a year.

In Plattsburgh, Max had the pleasure of co-managing a hookah bar, hosting his own news-talk TV show, "Open Eye," and a jazz radio show, "Jazz Talk." He developed his ideas with creative, affordable solutions, and embraced limited resources as an opportunity, not a reason for mediocrity.

Now Max's focus is to bring that energy to Lumberjack Films. He is the social butterfly producer that handles the business and logistics of all video accounts.

When Max is not working he spends his time reading about global art culture, studying augmented reality technologies and taking power naps.